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FRENCH TV celebrity Laurent Baffie writes, directs, produces and stars in THE CAR KEYS (94mins) an unfunny spoof tale of trying to make a film about lost car keys, with the project being rejected by all.
They are now urging people to park their cars out of sight and to keep car keys out of sight.
BURGLARS tried to steal car keys from inside a home by pushing a metal rod through the letter box.
A NUMBER of items including car keys and an Apple iPad were stolen in two separate burglaries in Nunthorpe.
The owner of one, a BMW 6 Series, had left his car keys at his girlfriend's in Kent, and tried desperately to warn Middlesbrough Council about his predicament.
Senan Simmons' jacket, containing his wallet and car keys, was snatched as he tended to the driver of a vehicle in a headon collision.
First, your car keys should always be kept in a safe place when you're at home.
A popular method among the criminal fraternity is to look into a house through the letterbox, if they can see a set of car keys they can then use a hook to retrieve them without even breaking into the house.
Seconds earlier suspects had forced entry to the house in Lightcliffe Road and stolen both sets of car keys.
POLICE are appealing for witnesses following three house burglaries in Gateshead where car keys and vehicles were also stolen.
And with regards to the parents who've been advised to keep their car keys out of sight from their children, what kind of parents are we dealing with?