car wash

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car wash

1. A place or business equipped for washing cars and other motor vehicles.
2. The act or an instance of washing a car, especially at a car wash: filled up the gas tank and then got a car wash.

car′ wash`

or car′wash`,

a place or structure having special equipment for washing automobiles.
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th] acquisition of Auto Spa Express in Aurora, Colorado, Mister Car Wash is now thrilled to be doing business in 19 states with 160 car wash locations in all.
Tenders are invited for Outdoor ground pipeline installation of the DRP to existing trolley car wash building.
On average, each petrol station car wash witnessed no less than 20 cars waiting for their turn, a survey by VIS Exhibitions & Conferences (VIS) said.
According to a senior official, the 100 odd car wash and polish stations in RAK need to abide by the regulations proposed in 2014 and enforced at the beginning of this year.
com)-- Lake Mary Car Wash will host its grand reopening celebration on Saturday, November 22, from 10AM - 2PM at 3720 Lake Emma Rd.
If you have ever wanted to own a gas station and a car wash this is your opportunity.
A number of citizens and residents have urged the authorities concerned to grant fresh licences to establishments or individuals to set up new car wash facilities and end the "monopoly" witnessed in this business, local Arabic daily Arrayah has reported.
Mohsen Al-Alawdi opened the Al-Khaled car wash 20 years ago.
ARC Car wash is the world's largest car wash company.
A MORBIDLY obese man has denied threatening a car wash operator who he claimed had damaged his "beautiful" Jaguar car.
MISS Flawless Liverpool added a touch of glamour to a charity car wash hosted by firefighters at Toxteth community fire station.
In China, Japan, Thailand, Russia, the United States, Africa, Italy and other countries, Autobase has set up 26 independent units, each responsible for regional sales and service of the company's car wash machines.