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(ˈkærəˌvænə) or


Brit someone who uses a caravan


or car•a•van•er

(ˈkær əˌvæn ər)

1. a person who travels or lives in a caravan.
2. Chiefly Brit. a person using a house trailer.
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CARAVANNER No1 is single mumStephanie Powell, 32, who scooped pounds 7.
If you are a seasoned caravanner, then we are speaking to the converted.
I've been a caravanner for many years and I've never got bored of it.
Safeguard Insurance manager and keen caravanner Rita Sadler said: "Car insurance alone is legally sufficient while the caravan is being towed, but that provides only third party liability.
Covering your caravan isn't expensive and, given that for many people it's now their main source of holidays and short breaks, it's something no caravanner should be without.
If you like being the most stylish caravanner on site check out the range of outdoor clothing on offer and kit yourself out for 2002.
The show takes us to the Armadillo Acres Trailer Park where not every caravanner is at peace with those around them.
Whether you are a seasoned camper or caravanner or new to the idea of taking your `home' with you on your travels, joining the Camping and Caravanning Club will help to get more from your holiday.
99 Call: 01763 287253 Written by a lifelong caravanner, this books presents pertinent advice peppered with anecdotes.
That may well be the case if you're an experienced caravanner, but to newcomers to the towing game there are dozens of things to consider - and every one is as important as the next.
If you're an experienced caravanner, you'll doubtless recognise the scenarios and I hope you'll feel free to contribute your own experiences.