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carb 1

n. Informal
A carburetor.

carb 2

n. Informal
A carbohydrate.


1. (Automotive Engineering) short for carburettor
2. (Cookery) short for carbohydrate



a carburetor.
[1940–45; by shortening]


var. of carbo- before a vowel: carbazole.


[ˈkɑːrb] n (= carbohydrate) → glucide m
a low-carb diet → un régime pauvre en glucides


(fam) V. carbohydrate.
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Omitting just bread, pasta, cereal and rice from your diet makes it a low carb diet
By rotating your carb intake you'll be switching your body between two states, catabolic (breaking down) and anabolic (building up).
Julian Bakery's Smart Carb line of bread packs just one net carbs per serving
The low-carb consumer puts her health at the top of the list when shopping and sees high carb counts and simple carbs as an important factor in purchasing decisions.
While this marketing strategy may well be a first as far as kitchenware goes, low carb is no small market: Progressive estimates that low-carb dieters bought some $3 billion last year in low-carb products -- mostly food -- and anticipates they will buy double that amount this year.
LowCarbiz magazine is being distributed to 8000 executives and business owners "with a stake in the low carb industry," TJFR said, including retail buyers for the major grocery, supermarket and discount outlets as well as owners of dedicated low carb retail stores and manufacturers.
This was done to determine if current and former low-carb dieters and low-carb lifestyle consumers really changed their dietary habits The first three foods are generally high in carbs, while the latter is particularly low in carbs.
Too often (as in the article), those who simply cut out junk food, which includes processed sugars and flours, refer to it as "cutting carbs," when in reality they're doing nothing but "cutting junk food.
A superbly organized and presented introduction to low-fat, carb conscious dining, Quick & Healthy Low-fat, Carb Conscious Cooking showcases more than two hundred new and/or updated, delicious, nutritious, "heart healthy", diabetes appropriate, weight control friendly recipes.