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n. pl. car·bos Informal
A carbohydrate.


(ˈkɑr boʊ)

n., pl. -bos.
1. carbohydrate.
2. a food having a high carbohydrate content.
[1960–65; by shortening; compare -o]


a combining form used in the names of chemical compounds containing carbon: carbohydrate.
Esp. before a vowel, carb-.
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Investigators believe Karla Carbo, 29, of South Jordan impersonated an attorney at least three times during the last six months, Sheriff's Capt.
Carbo Ceramics expects ceramic proppant sales to take a hit as drillers try new techniques that require sand proppants.
At approximately $143 per share, Carbo Ceramics is up 23 per cent this year and trading in line with the average target price among analysts tracked by Reuters, a sign that they see they stock as fully valued.
The golden jubilee milestone in this region is being complimented by a extending a cloud based Hospitality Solution "Hotelogix" to CHTA members by HMS Infotech and Carbo TTC.
One of the highlights is a vehicle door with a Carbo e-Therm electrical heating coating that can be operated on a non-hazardous small voltage of 12 volts.
CARBO ceramic media products are designed to excel in performance and provide value to the casting applications.
Kodiak Nutrition International, LLC, Hurley, NM, has launched Complete Pitcher Carbo Load and Power Hitter's Protein, which can help both amateur and professional baseball players by providing them with sustained energy release, and allowing them to maintain/gain muscle mass and improve recovery time during a long season.
Carbo NXT dry-silane is NXT silane carried on carbon black.
Carbo and Francesca Fry, both of the Alimentary Institute in Paris, Texas.
What tends to happen, though, is that people ride that sugar high, and then they have that carbo crash about 90 minutes later,'' Hirt continued.
Corn Flakes 370cals energy 83g carbo 8g protein 3g fibre 0.