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An ion that has a positively charged carbon atom.

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Subsequent cyclization to the carbon radical, Fe(IV) oxidation to the carbocation, and loss of the C-6 proton yield the vinyl ether, [PGI.
Water is a polar solvent, which accelerates many reactions, especially reactions via carbocation as intermediates.
Carbocation Chemistry: Applications in Organic Synthesis
He began to investigate these steps more formally about six years ago, eventually unravelling the details of carbocation dynamics.
In addition, the active carbocation is stabilized through interactions with the counter anion and/or interactions with Lewis base additives present in the polymerization system.
A reaction mechanism during the preparation was proposed, and the electron effect on the stabilization of the carbocation was discussed.
La estereoselectividad de esta reaccion se debe a que al formarse el carbocation bencilico por la salida del grupo -OH (luego de haber sido protonado), el ataque del -[N.
For example, in the addition of HBr to buta-1,3-diene, as shown in Scheme III, the resultant mixture of 3-bromobut-1-ene and 1-bromobut-2-ene may be thought of as arising from the addition of Br--to different allylic carbocation resonance forms.
Desde el punto de vista mecanistico la reaccion termica entre 100 y 200[grados]C procede de forma concertada a traves de un estado de transicion ciclico mientras que la reaccion catalizada por acido consiste de un mecanismo por etapas que involucra un carbocation como intermediario [49, 50].
Styrene oxide gave regioisomer II in agreement with more important electronic effect due to carbocation stabilization.
With this system, complexation of the Lewis acid coinitiator with the acetate group of IBEA dissociates the carbon-oxygen bond to produce a carbocation at the oxygen-stabilized secondary carbon atom of IBEA.
High pHs associated with extended hang time also will suppress the rate of pigment stabilization through aldehyde bridging (mediated by the low pH carbocation form), instead promoting browning.