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Noun1.carbonisation - the destructive distillation of coal (as in coke ovens)
destructive distillation - heating a solid substance in a closed container and collecting the volatile products
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also carbonisation of the concrete soffit and grading the soffits to suit the required level of fire protection.
Ces autorisations d'exploitation ont ete accordees a des jeunes detenteurs de cartes d'artisan verses dans la carbonisation du bois, issu de travaux d'assainissement des forets et des incendies qui se declarent en periode des grosses chaleurs, a explique Hamid Benbelouar.
According to Hexcel, its new carbon fibre facility will occupy a 37-acre site at the Osiris Chemicals Industry Platform in Roussillon and will be comprised of both polymerisation and carbonisation lines.
Cependant, on deplorera la carbonisation de plusieurs especes vegetales qui constituent des fondements essentiels a la vie des concitoyens, en particulier, le thuya, l'arganier, le caroubier, le chene, le chataignier-A l'heure oE nous mettons sous presse, les causes de cette calamite naturelle ne sont pas encore determinees, malgre les enquetes poussees, menees par les services d'ordre dans les lieux de l'incendie qui s'est vite propage dans tous les sens, suivant les directions eoliennes.
The problem is caused by carbonisation on the switch contacts that can lead to the electric current being interrupted.
The process was selfperpetuating as the gas was used for heating tar tanks and for firing carbonisation ovens, which would generate more gas.
Such a layer is easier to clean and will also protect against UV, dirt, carbonisation and wear and tear.
2010) used data from a pilot sugarcane bagasse carbonisation plant to assess the net carbon-sequestration potential of bagasse biochar.
The production process of green coal - technically known as hydrothermal carbonisation - is simple in principle and similar to cooking food in a pressure cooker, says Dr Magdalena Titirici, head of the hydrothermal carbonisation research team at the Institute.
Coke's problem in getting more recycled plastic (RPET) into their bottles isn't just due to the carbonisation factor, she says.
Evidently the components, which do not evaporate, have no part in the resultant carbonisation residue.
Running-on occurs because of high combustion temperatures caused by defects such as over-advanced ignition timing or excessive carbonisation.