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1. Symbol C An abundant nonmetallic element that occurs in many inorganic and in all organic compounds, exists freely in amorphous, graphite, and diamond forms and as a constituent of coal, limestone, and petroleum, and is capable of chemical self-bonding to form an enormous number of chemically, biologically, and commercially important molecules. Other significant allotropes include fullerenes and nanotubes. Atomic number 6; atomic weight 12.011; sublimation point 3,825°C; triple point 4,489°C; specific gravity of amorphous carbon 1.8 to 2.1, of diamond 3.15 to 3.53, of graphite 1.9 to 2.3; valence 2, 3, 4. See Periodic Table.
2. A carbon-containing gas, notably carbon dioxide, or a collection of such gases, especially when considered as a contributor to the greenhouse effect: plans for capturing and sequestering carbon produced by power plants.
a. A sheet of carbon paper.
b. A carbon copy.
4. Electricity
a. Either of two rods through which current flows to form an arc, as in lighting or welding.
b. A carbonaceous electrode in an electric cell.

[French carbone, from Latin carbō, carbōn-, a coal, charcoal; see ker- in Indo-European roots.]

car′bon·ous (-bə-nəs) adj.
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Adj.1.carbonous - relating to or consisting of or yielding carbon
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The use of these fertilizers supplies stressed soils with nutrient-laden carbonous clusters that are found naturally in fertile soils.
To further improve electrical properties of PVDF, or to control its positive or negative temperature coefficient (PTC or NTC) effect, the conductive particles, especially the carbonous materials such as graphite (5), carbon nanotubes (CNTs) (6-8), carbon nanofiber (CNF) (9), (10), and carbon black (CB) (11-19) are used as the tiller to be incorporated to PVDF.
2] from combustion of kerogen will be introduced to carbonous C[O.