carbonyl group

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Noun1.carbonyl group - the bivalent radical CO
chemical group, radical, group - (chemistry) two or more atoms bound together as a single unit and forming part of a molecule
carbonyl - a compound containing metal combined with carbon monoxide
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It is known that in a carbonyl group the electronegative oxygen withdraws electrons from the carbon bond resulting in the carbonyl carbon attaining a relative positive charge.
hippuric acid-histidine-leucine), whereby the carbonyl group becomes polarized and is subjected to an electrophilic attack.
Carbonyl compounds in retort water are represented by ketones with carbonyl group in position 2 (methyl ketones) [6, 8], acetone (about 85%) and methyl ethyl ketone (about 12%).
Separate chapters list protection for the hydroxyl group, phenols and catechols, the carbonyl group, the carboxyl group, the thiol group, the amino group, and the phosphate group.
Despite the presence of a carbonyl group, at 1,774 [cm.
6), which was synthesized by Seebach's group and used successfully as a chiral ligand in Diels-Alder reaction [12], carbonyl-ene reaction [13], 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition [14], and nucleophilic addition to carbonyl group [15].
After 73 days of exposure time, an increased current in the intensity of the absorption band was observed at approximately 1720 cm-1, which can be assigned to the C=O stretch of the saturated aliphatic carbonyl group.
Correlations of investigated parameters (aldosterone, PRA, carbonyl group, oxLDL, ICAM-1, hsCRP, and insulin) with kidney function markers were performed.
The polycondensation reaction mechanism of PBMS was similar to that of polyfbutylene terephthalate) [27], It was generally described in terms of coordination of the transition metal to the carbonyl group, or alternatively of basis catalysis.
Also, N1 and the carbonyl group at C7 points to the opposite direction regarding 3a and 5a.
Several functional groups were generated, such as carboxylic group (COOH), carbonyl group (C=O), and hydroxyl group (O-H) as per their reference spectra [23].
The aqueous primer composition comprises a carbonyl group-containing modified epoxy resin (A), a crosslinking agent (B), and a rust preventive pigment (C), and is characterized in that the carbonyl group-containing modified epoxy resin (A) is produced by reacting an amine compound (al) having a carbonyl group and at least one active hydrogen bonded to a nitrogen atom per molecule and an epoxy resin (a2) having two or more epoxy groups per molecule).