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Any of a class of stable crystalline compounds composed of carbon, boron, and hydrogen.

[Blend of carbon and borane.]
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30 ppm and a distinct peak for C--H group in carborane cages ([CB.
To calculate the conversion ratios of ethynyl (--C[equivalent to]CH) and ethynylene (--ph--C[equivalent to]C--Si--) moieties to the corresponding carborane groups, a precise study of peak integration was carried out.
C]-NMR spectra for CB-PHSEPE, CB-PMSEPE, and CB-PVSEPE polymers from their pristine polymers PHSEPE, PMSEPE, and PVSEPE are the appearance of two groups of carbon resonances for the carborane cages.
By making a smooth, uniform carborane layer over a surface, "life becomes simpler.
A carborane molecule is a cage of 10 boron atoms and two carbon atoms, and extra atoms can be attached to the cage.
conjugate acids of carborane anions) were synthesized and liberated by Reed and coworkers in 2000 [7-9].
In this communication we introduced into our agenda investigation of the basic features such as relative acidities and structures and stability of conjugate acids based on different carborane clusters smaller than 12-vertex [CB.
We used the Biotage Initiator[TM] Microwave synthesis system, chromatography cartridges to prepare a range of Carborane Cage structures labeled with rhenium and technetium (Tc99c), the currently most used radionuclide in diagnostic medicine.
Oxiranes, acetals, esters, nitriles, amines, amides, nitro, ketone, carbamate, ether, isocyanate, phosphate, phosphonic dichloride, dialkoxy borane, sulfide, sulfone, or carborane groups can be present without reacting (2).
The thermal and oxidative properties of poly(siloxane)s are improved with carboranes.
Over the past decade, we have seen an increasing interest in using carboranes in drug design," said Mark W.
Carboranes don't fight cancer directly, but they aid in the ability of a drug to bind more tightly to its target, creating a more potent mechanism for destroying the cancer cells," he explained.