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1]) was determined by the relationship between the net assimilation rate and the transpiration rate (A/E), and the apparent carboxylation efficiency (A/[C.
The modified procedure of MWCNT surface carboxylation transforming it to methyl ester and covalent grafting of imidazolium ionic liquid (IL) derivate to modified MWCNTs was performed on the basis of the procedure described by Kim et al.
2] flux to carboxylation sites) caused by decreases in stomatal and internal conductance; and (ii) the inhibition of the metabolic potential for photosynthesis (Perez-Lopez, Robredo, Lacuesta, Mena-Petite, & Munoz-Rueda, 2012).
This gene is responsible for converting Vitamin K epoxide into Vitamin K hydroquinone, an essential substrate for MGP carboxylation.
ModPred predicted sites for proteolytic cleavage, carboxylation and ADP-ribosylation at E18 (Table 6).
reported that a combination of alendronate and vitamin K2 treatment increased both osteocalcin carboxylation and BMD in the femoral neck in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis ([28]).
2002); since the metabolism of aromatic compounds by sulfate reducing bacteria involve activation of the aromatic ring by methylation, hydroxylation or carboxylation.
An ELISA-based method to quantify osteocalcin carboxylation in mice.