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 (kär-bŏk′sē-pĕp′tĭ-dās′, -dāz′)
Any of several enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of the terminal amino acid of a polypeptide from the end that contains a free carboxyl group.
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SNP detection of carboxypeptidase E gene and its association with meat quality and carcass traits in Korean cattle.
Aspartic protease, [beta]-galactosidase, peroxidase and serine carboxypeptidase were detected in three Ephedra species.
Cloning and functional expression as a captoprilinsensitive carboxypeptidase.
Also zinc is part of some enzymes structure, such as: Alkaline Phosphatase, phosphatides lipase, Carboxypeptidase, RNA polymerase, Dehydrogenase and Aldolase (Pandy et al, 2002).
Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA) is a transmembrane glutamate carboxypeptidase expressed on tumor-associated vasculature that positively regulates angiogenesis in a laminin-dependent manner.
The "go or grow" poten-tial of gliomas is linked to the neuropeptide processing enzyme carboxypeptidase E and mediated by metabolic stress.
To this end, new methods for the early detection and prognosis of breast cancer, including circulating proteolytic products of carboxypeptidase N, viable circulating tumor cells, and metastasis-related miRNA, are presented in this issue (12-14).
With a New York University Cancer Institute colleague, the researchers reported that the mixture of free-floating blood proteins created by the enzyme carboxypeptidase N accurately predicted the presence of early-stage breast cancer tissue in mice and in a small population of human patients.
Researchers from the Houston Methodist Research Institute and New York University Cancer Institute, conducted experiments on mice models and breast cancer patients, and found that a mixture of free-floating blood proteins created by carboxypeptidase N or CPN (an enzyme that plays a major role in modifying proteins after they are being created), accurately signalled the early stages of the deadly disease.
YaxinBio is specialized in the research and the production of Animal Origin Free recombinant carboxypeptidase B and recombinant trypsin, which are of high importance for the production of human recombinant insulin.