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A large glass or plastic bottle, usually encased in a protective basket or crate and often used to hold corrosive liquids.

[Persian qarābah, from Arabic qarrāba, big jug, from qarraba, to bring near, derived stem of qaruba, to be near; see qrb in Semitic roots.]


a large glass or plastic bottle, usually protected by a basket or box, used for containing corrosive liquids such as acids
[C18: from Persian qarāba]


(ˈkɑr bɔɪ)

a large glass bottle encased in a basket or box, used esp. for holding corrosive liquids.
[1705–15; < Persian qarāba(h) < Arabic qarrābah big jug]
car′boyed, adj.
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Noun1.carboy - a large bottle for holding corrosive liquidscarboy - a large bottle for holding corrosive liquids; usually cushioned in a special container
bottle - a glass or plastic vessel used for storing drinks or other liquids; typically cylindrical without handles and with a narrow neck that can be plugged or capped


[ˈkɑːbɔɪ] Ngarrafón m


nKorbflasche f
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A few of them then boarded her and were busily engaged in what appeared, from my distant position, as the emptying of the contents of various carboys upon the dead bodies of the sailors and over the decks and works of the vessel.
In the corners stood carboys of acid in wicker baskets.
My name is Kenge," he said; "you may remember it, my child; Kenge and Carboy, Lincoln's Inn.
I always received by return of post exactly the same answer in the same round hand, with the signature of Kenge and Carboy in another writing, which I supposed to be Mr.
Jo was also locum in those days at Timothy White's and Taylor's, Carter's and Thewlis before working full time for Brackenbury's, a shop situated opposite St Paul's Church which was typical of the times with its four huge glass carboys filled with coloured water.
Transferring liquids from small drums, buckets and carboys using hand-operated, manual pumps can be a time-consuming and messy process, even if correct procedures are followed.
Boxes, cases, crates of plasticBags and sacks of polymers of ethyleneBags and sacks of other plasticsBottles, carboys and flasks of plasticBobbins, spools and cops of plasticCaps, stoppers and lids of plasticOther plastic packaging products
The reason for the move stemmed from him securing a contract with the Ely Brewery to make their beer crates and with an acid works to make crates for their carboys (large glass vessels).
The TerraSpray[TM] Rinse Station allows users to rinse carboys, vessels, and other containers up to 50 gallons (200 liters) in a highly cost-effective and efficient manner.
In the last week of July, a private TV program claimed it had detected bacterial formations in 41 out of 55 carboys from various water companies similar to those seen in human excrement, but it stopped short of naming those companies until the ministry ran an official and more comprehensive analysis of the products.
The basics Wash and crush the apples, then press the pulp and put the juice in 5-gallon carboys, adding the yeast Wait about seven days for the cider to ferment and another one to three months to age.