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1. A painful localized bacterial infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissue that usually has several openings through which pus is discharged.
a. A red precious stone, especially a deep-red garnet cut as a cabochon.
b. A mythical gemstone said to emit light even in total darkness.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin carbunculus, small glowing ember, carbuncle, diminutive of carbō, carbōn-, coal; see ker- in Indo-European roots.]

car′bun′cled adj.
car·bun′cu·lar (-kyə-lər) adj.
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Adj.1.carbuncular - afflicted with or resembling a carbuncle
unhealthy - not in or exhibiting good health in body or mind; "unhealthy ulcers"
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May the present moment,' said Dick, sticking his fork into a large carbuncular potato, 'be the worst of our lives
The third time, like the young man carbuncular with the bored and lonely typist in Eliot's The Waste Land, he
Such surrender provides a beneficent contrast to the squalid, plebeian sex scenes that have preceded it: the sickly woman who's taken pills to induce an abortion; the unresponsive typist seduced and abandoned by her carbuncular assailant; the pathetic girl supine on the floor of a narrow canoe; the dreary Margate fornicators with broken fingernails and dirty hands.