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 (kär′bə-rāt′, -rĕt′, -byə-)
tr.v. car·bu·ret·ed, car·bu·ret·ing, car·bu·rets or car·bu·ret·ted or car·bu·ret·ting
1. To combine or mix (a gas, for example) with volatile hydrocarbons, so as to increase available fuel energy.
2. To carburize.
A carbide: carburet of sulfur.

[From carburet, carbide, from French carbure, from Latin carbō, carbon; see carbon.]

car·bu·re′tion n.
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The triumph makes Johnson the last Pro Stock winner to use a carbureted engine (the class will change to fuel injection in 2016).
It features an automotive-based closed-loop EFI system for up to 25 percent better fuel economy compared to the already-efficient carbureted BIG BLOCK engines.
The global two wheeler fuel injection systems market can be primarily divided in to technology as Carbureted Fuel Injection System (CFI), and Electronic fuel injection (EFI) system which is further segmented into Multi-Pont Fuel Injection System (MPFI).
RED technology uses an electronic governor and operator-defined performance modes to deliver improved engine response and performance combined with reduced fuel consumption of up to 41% compared to equivalent carbureted models.
They had spark plugs for carbureted engines and fuel-injected engines.
The Mini 1275 GT was a single SU carbureted engine, whilst the 1300 GT was, I recall, a twin SU (inch and a quarter) carbureted engine as standard before any modifications which might have followed.
EFI optimizes the air/fuel ratio for reduced fuel consumption, longer runtimes, fewer emissions and superior performance compared to carbureted models.
passed peak production of domestic oil and the world price of oil "soared" from $2 per barrel to $35, it was easy to convert our domestic auto fleet from carbureted 15 miles per gallon to 25 mpg fuel injected engines.
The Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) option with the Bobcat 250 also reduces fuel use by as much as 27 percent compared to carbureted models, notes the company.
There are some carbureted pipeline engines, but these make up a very small percentage of the older engines.
In addition to the release of the new fuel injection hoses, the Barricade line for carbureted automobiles and small-engine/off-highway applications has added two new diameters to provide 96 percent coverage of current standard fuel hose sales.
With carbureted engines, it's a good idea to run them dry so that fuel does not sit in the bowl for months, allowing it a chance to gum up--just detach the fuel hose and let the motor run at idle until it stops.