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 (kär′kə-nĕt′, -nĭt)
n. Archaic
A jeweled necklace, collar, or headband.

[From Old French carcan, collar, perhaps from Medieval Latin carcannum, perhaps of Germanic origin.]


(ˈkɑːkəˌnɛt; -nɪt)
(Jewellery) archaic a jewelled collar or necklace
[C16: from French carcan, of Germanic origin; compare Old Norse kverkband chin strap]


(ˈkɑr kəˌnɛt, -nɪt)

a woman's ornamental, usu. jeweled headband or necklace.
[1520–30; Middle French carcan choker]
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Rowena opened the small silver-chased casket, and perceived a carcanet, or neck lace, with ear-jewels, of diamonds, which were obviously of immense value.
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The new Carcanet edition of Parade's End is, therefore, a literary event that is worthy of the very greatest rejoicing.
PAULA MEEHAN CarolAnn says: The Irish poet Paula Meehan lives in Dublin and is published in the UK by Carcanet.
In the blue corner stands the tradition of the well-respected and highbrow publishers of poetry: Faber & Faber, Bloodaxe, Canongate, Seren, Cinnamon Press, Carcanet and Enitharmon Press.
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Her latest collection, Ice, has just been published by Carcanet Press.