key card

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key′ card`

a small plastic card containing data on an embedded magnetized strip that can electronically unlock a door, actuate a machine, etc.
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Matthew Purchase, for the respondents, said Mrs Tomkland was responsible for cleaning the customer's room using a card key.
Thanks to the Tesco Club Card key fob, the helpful staff at Aberdare were able to trace us immediately and reunite us with our keys which would otherwise have cost a great deal to replace.
The controller's card key has another layer that may allow exclusive access to the cash room and the safe.
These include all those airbags, ABS with electronic brakeforce distribution, card key with push button start/stop, powered front windows and door mirrors, six speaker CD audio sounds with wheel mounted controls, multi information display, manual aircon and remote central locking.
Placing the pull stations at each exit provides users with the ability to leave a building in an emergency without a card key and without disabling the entire system.
Oh, this is just great,'' Councilman Mike Feuer muttered when his card key was taken away to be fixed.
Watt Stopper/Legrand has developed a line of card key switches for hospitality facilities which help hotels stop the energy waste of guestroom lighting being left on when no one is present.
In January, IBM began selling a ``Smart Card,'' a card key locking system to safeguard data and access to the machine.
The following are some of the basic features a card key can perform.
All chip card key management is performed centrally resulting in a more efficient and cost effective use of expensive cryptographic hardware.
Patrick's Cathedral, 623 Fifth Avenue features exceptional security, including card key systems at lobbies and tenant spaces as well as a superior technological infrastructure.
Without this, security cannot connect an employee to a specific card key, making the lock's record of card key usage worthless in an investigation.