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(ˌtæmpɒˈneɪd) or


the use of a tampon to stop blood flow
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Noun1.tamponade - blockage or closure (as of a wound or body cavity) by (or as if by) a tampon (especially to stop bleeding)
blockage, obstruction - the physical condition of blocking or filling a passage with an obstruction
cardiac tamponade - mechanical compression of the heart resulting from large amounts of fluid collecting in the pericardial space and limiting the heart's normal range of motion


, tamponage
n. Fr. taponamiento, aplicación de tapones a una herida o cavidad para detener una hemorragia o absorber secreciones;
balloon ______ por balón insuflable;
cardiac ______ cardíaco, compresión aguda del corazón causada por un exceso de sangre acumulada en el pericardio.


n taponamiento; cardiac — taponamiento cardíaco
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6 The survival rates in the patients with cardiac tamponade were 73% but 11% in the patients without cardiac tamponades.
Penetrating heart injury is potentially a life-threatening condition due to cardiac tamponade or exsanguinating hemorrhage.
Most cardiac tamponades result from pericardial infusion of fluid (26), which like pleural infusion (23) could be avoided by careful aspiration of blood or (if no blood can be obtained) chest X-ray with intravenous contrast injection before clinical use.