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1. See heartburn.
2. Localized pain in the region of the heart.

[Greek kardialgiā : kardiā, heart; see cardia + -algiā, -algia.]


(ˌkɑːdɪˈældʒɪə; -dʒə) or


1. (Pathology) obsolete pain in or near the heart
2. (Medicine) a technical name for heartburn
ˌcardiˈalgic adj

cardialgia, cardialgy

a burning or other painful feeling in the stomach or esophagus; heartburn.
See also: Heart, Pain
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En el primer tiempo que es el de el contagio, luego que he observado los sintomas univocos o patognomonicos que son: la cardialgia o dolor de estomago (.
Two months after the beginning of the therapy all patients reported a stable normalization of cardiac rhythm as well as a stable improvement in their ability to work, a reduction of cardialgia frequency and intensity and a significant decrease of the number of concomitant pathology symptoms.
2010) emphasize the syndrome of vegetative dystonia in CHD: the disturbance of heart rhythm, hyperventilation syndrome, disorder of thermoregulation, disorders in the gastrointestinal tract (abdominal pains, nausea, eructation), vascular disturbances in the extremities (paleness, mottled picture, cyanotic skin), vegetative crises, damage of pain sensitivity in the extremities by dysaesthesia type (sensation of tingling and burning in the distal parts of extremities, increased when touching skin integuments), cardialgia syndrome with vegetative expressions (Sidikhodjaeva and Pakhomova, 2003; Shvarkov, 2003).