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(ˈkɑːdɪ) ,




(Clothing & Fashion) informal short for cardigan


[ˈkɑːrdi] n (British)cardigan m
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In Sussex we put on a cardie or a coat - we go inside by a log fire.
Prue Leith is in a red Fairisle cardie and there's also a newly-sequinned Susan Calman - Strictly did wonders for her bling.
Grey stripe cardie, PS24, rockin' baby, CUTE ANIMAL ALERT ALWAYS a favourite with kids and parents alike, 'animals' could appear as a kidswear trend every season, says editor and co-founder of parenting website Tantrum.
Something tells me Helen won't be settling for her cardie when she gets back.
The unflattering printed PJ-pants and loose cardie hide her fab figure.
The model was showing off Wonderbra's new spring/ summer lingerie collection, but covered up - a bit - in a cardie.
The algorithm developed by researchers Jiwei Li and Claire Cardie can depict important events of an individuals life without knowing anything about them.
The fiery Scot, 71, who reckons the cardie helped United land the current Premier League title, has relegated it from his bedroom drawer.
Not Attending: Claire Cardie, Dieter Fox, Maria Fox, Haym Hirsh, Adele Howe, Gal Kaminka, Shlomo Zilberstein.
She seems nice enough, in her sensible shoes and cardie, until she proudly watches her boys doling out some very nasty violence.
She was wearing a hat that shrieked bad hair day and a pink cardie.
DESPITE the almost unparalleled smugness Roger Federer exudes every time he steps out onto the Wimbledon courts in his cardie (at least that shocking blazer has gone), I feel a little bit sorry for him, writes Michael Brear.