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(ˈkɑːdɪ) ,




(Clothing & Fashion) informal short for cardigan


[ˈkɑːrdi] n (British)cardigan m
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The unflattering printed PJ-pants and loose cardie hide her fab figure.
She'll have to buy the odd cardie to deal with the English weather.
The model was showing off Wonderbra's new spring/ summer lingerie collection, but covered up - a bit - in a cardie.
GAN ei bod yn gynyddol ffasiynol i beidio ag anfon cardie Dolig, falle y dylen ni edmygu'r rhai sy'n gwneud ymdrech i fynd i ysbryd yr Wyl, fel Tony Blair a'i wen sinistr lle ma'r dannedd yn eich dilyn o gwmpas y stafell.
But now look at the label in your own cardie if you admit to owning one and yes, you'll see Made in China or Sri Lanka or some other far flung spot.
People get hot enough in a kitchen but at least we can open a window or take off our cardie.
The fiery Scot, 71, who reckons the cardie helped United land the current Premier League title, has relegated it from his bedroom drawer.
It's not that anyone would want him in beige slacks and a nice BHS cardie.
A cross between a blazer and a cardie, the way they fall like a waterfall is very streamlining on the figure, plus they're versatile enough to wear day and night.
She seems nice enough, in her sensible shoes and cardie, until she proudly watches her boys doling out some very nasty violence.
2: Find a modern take on the classic boyfriend cardie - it is long-line to cover those lumps and bumps, but given a stylish twist.
She was wearing a hat that shrieked bad hair day and a pink cardie.