cardinal numbers

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أعْدادٌ أَصْلِيَّه
základní číslovky
základné číslovky
sayal sayılar


(ˈkaːdənl) adjective
chief; principal. cardinal sins.
(the status of) one of the men next in rank to the Pope in the Roman Catholic Church.
cardinal numbers numbers expressing quantity (1,2,3 etc). See also ordinal numbers
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Cleary again defends Aristotle against those who claim he misunderstood Plato's distinction between ordinal (Form Number) and cardinal numbers (mathematical number), and he champions Aristotle's interpretation that Form Numbers consist of units.
Much of their model is quite valuable, but I start with one crucial problem, namely the use of cardinal numbers (ranging from -2 to +2) to represent the utilities (i.
If you move away from cardinal numbers to ordinal numbers, what anagram examples exist in the range "January first" to "December thirty-first"?
My November 2002 article explored shiftgrams of cardinal numbers, chemical elements, color names, letters of the Greek alphabet, US statenames, days of the week, and planets of the Solar System.
Since then, no other transposal material has appeared for the cardinal numbers TWENTY ONE and upwards.