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A phospholipid usually obtained from beef heart, used in combination with phosphatidylcholine and cholesterol as an antigen to diagnose syphilis.

[cardio- + lipin, lipid (Greek lipos, fat; see lipo- + -in).]
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Recent interest in DHA has focused on two new endogenous wellness pathways; a) DHA-cardiolipin structure and function in the mitochondria, as DHA is the only omega-3 used by mitochondrial cardiolipin and only when DHA is sufficiently and consistently present in the diet, and b) DHA supplementation also appears to increase Synaptamide production in the brain.
The researchers found that cardiolipin -- a molecule inside nerve cells -- helps ensure that a protein called alpha-synuclein folds properly.
Cardiolipin antigen for the reaction of microprecipitation (rmp), A solution for diagnostic purposes.
Pulmonary hypertension of neonates may play a role in rapid development of right and left ventricular dysfunction by their remodeling through reduced cardiolipin biosynthesis and remodeling enzymes.
Often, an increase in free radicals causing oxidative stress will damage cardiolipin.
Melatonin prevents age-related mitochondrial dysfunction in rat brain via cardiolipin protection.
Hoppel, "Cardiac mitochondria in heart failure: Normal cardiolipin profile and increased threonine phosphorylation of complex IV," Journal of Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, vol.
Patients having history like diabetes mellitus and thyroid problems, and those positive for anti cardiolipin antibody were excluded.
Mutations in TAZ result in deficiency of cardiolipin, an important mitochondrial membrane phospholipid found in heart and skeletal muscle.
Livedo reticularis associated with increased titres of anti cardiolipin antibodies in SLE.