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Adj.1.cardiologic - of or relating to or used in or practicing cardiology; "cardiologic evidence"
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The head physician of the "Bryansk Regional Cardiologic Dispensary" Andrei Nedbaykin told the Governor what opportunities now appeared for Bryansk medicine to save the life and health of the region's residents.
Since heart disease continues to be the largest health problem, statistically, facing both men and women, he is a strong advocate for the practice of preventive cardiology and believes that individuals with a family history of heart disease should begin cardiologic examinations, and embrace a heart-healthy lifestyle, while still in their twenties to prevent significant heart problems later in life.
On the other hand, presence of cardiologic treatments (code: additional flat rate cardiology II) was reduced after trimming.
More advanced training is necessary before someone can actually practice in the cardiologic context, he warns.
Nooreddini for their valuable cardiologic and radiologic consults, respectively.
Complete blood tests, kidney and liver biochemical assessments, ultrasounds, chest x-rays, and cardiologic assessments were carried out for all animals.
9 month; range 84 to 228 month) with no cardiologic or rheumatologic problems were included.
A cardiologic examination, electrocardiography, and echocardiography revealed no pathology.
Cardiologic aging in SAM model: effect of chronic treatment with growth hormone.
Psychiatric interview to exclude somatization and cardiologic examination to evaluate syncope were normal.
To achieve this goal 138 people with their informed consent were investigated (on the basis of the State Budgetary Institution of the Republic of Dagestan, "The republican cardiologic dispensary of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Dagestan," and SBI of the Republic of Dagestan "Polyclinic W', Makhachkala) and were formed into three groups.