career counseling

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counseling, counselling, guidance, counsel, direction - something that provides direction or advice as to a decision or course of action
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Within two years, the use of career counseling cheques in Blegium increased with 87 percent.
Procurement the Object of the Procurement Contract Is the Purchase of Career Counseling Services.
The first part brings career counseling up to date, and provides specific focus on aiding clients who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.
This study investigated college students' perception of the monetary value of career counseling services by using the contingent valuation method.
Career Counseling for People with Disabilities: A Practical Guide to Finding Employment, Second Edition, by Karen Wolffe, Published by PRO-ED, 2012, 243 pp,, $38,
Results connect the implementation of the college and career counseling components of a comprehensive school counseling program and lower student-to-school-counselor ratios to a reduction in suspension rates and disciplinary incidents for Connecticut high school students.
The book, Career Counseling, begins with the usual introduction regarding changes in the world of work.
Nizami pointed out that Sir Syed University is the one which focuses more on career counseling for students and the Universitys career counseling advisors assess their interests, personality, values and skills to explore career options for them.
Seeking help may seem impossible for the unemployed; however, the one job searching tool many people do not consider may be the very thing that pulls them out of this jobless hole: career counseling.
The benefit raises the funds CTFD needs to continue its career counseling outreach programs, and the educational scholarships they provide to dancers who are making post-performing plans.
Theories of career development and career counseling converge on a few critical issues with career decision making and the processes for making decisions being one of them (Phillips, 1998).
Individual career counseling will once again be available during the Institute.

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