careers adviser

careers adviser


careers advisor


careers counselor

(Education) a person trained in giving vocational advice, esp in secondary, further, or higher education
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Pauline Knowles Careers Adviser at Fairfax said: We are really happy at the up take from our students especially the number of girls.
But their significance should not be underestimated and concerns raised today by a careers adviser and public services union Unison are a stark reminder of the many challenges being faced on a daily basis in Wales.
Jayne Barnacle Davies If the careers adviser gave the correct advice it would be something.
Major Graeme Hynds, senior careers adviser at the Army Careers Centre in Middlesbrough, said the headset "allows potential recruits to experience the sights and sounds of what life is like in the Army, and discuss with staff the career opportunities available.
They must be supermen and superwomen - other mere mortals, if they wish to become professional careers advisers, must spend several years at college and university becoming quali-fied, and only after being employed as a professional careers adviser subsequently for 2-3 years may they then be assured of possessing the skills, knowledge and competence to be accepted as professional careers advisers.
Careers adviser and organiser Lynda Mitchell said: "It is so important that they can talk to employers directly to get a real insight into what they do and what a typical day is like in their job.
Less than 9% of the almost 600 apprentices interviewed said they found out about their apprenticeship through either their teacher or careers adviser.
To talk to a careers adviser and for more information on the National Careers Service call 0800 100 900 or go to nationalcareers service.
Margaret Gladwell is a careers adviser with Careers Wales, the National Careers Service for Wales, based in Mold.
46) as a guide, the major career management interventions provided for secondary careers advisers were, according to these stakeholders: electronic job listings accessed through the NSWDET web-based portal (this site was also used to provide information for Regional Vocational Education Consultants (RVECs) to pass on to careers advisers); formal preparation for merit selection to other positions; careers adviser training via the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Graduate Certificate in Career Education and Development; support from RVECs who also had the role of facilitating regional careers adviser networks; resources available through the NSWDET School to Work Program that could be used by careers advisers to "organise and manage their work" and the Program itself which gives ".
Their chances for receiving higher quality careers advice improves if the careers adviser is also a member of a Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) member association.
It also revealed that only half received advice from a specialist careers adviser.