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The fare charged a passenger, as on a streetcar or bus.


US and Canadian the fare that a passenger is charged for a ride on a bus, etc



the amount charged for a ride on a subway or bus.
[1865–70, Amer.]
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Noun1.carfare - the fare charged for riding a bus or streetcar
fare, transportation - the sum charged for riding in a public conveyance


[ˈkɑːfɛəʳ] N (US) → pasaje m, precio m (del billete)
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From this they had to deduct their carfare, since the distance was so great; but after a while they made friends, and learned still more, and then they would save their carfare.
I didn't have the carfare, and I live across the Bay," Martin answered bluntly, with the idea of showing them his imperative need for the money.
I had some drinks, an' treated a couple of the boys, an' then there was carfare.
Murtaza later bagged the vital wicket of opener Nigel Kalliat, who had scored a half-century against Carfare in the quarters.
In Pool B, the Rowdy Cricketers top the list with two wins, ahead of RSA Logistics, with DBMSC Steel (one game) and the Carfare Group (two games) both yet to register a win.
Dubai: Lama Group, a destination management company, and CarFare, a Dubai-based mobility solutions company offering car rental services, announced their merger at a press conference in Dubai on Monday.
They are the minions struggling to get from point A to point B for as little carfare as possible.
In the 13th Dulsco Ramadan Cricket tournament, Future King Heroes registered a 36-run victory against Carfare Cricket Club at the Zabeel Park Cricket Ground to reach the semi-finals.
Future Kings Heroes will meet Carfare, while Cricket Maxway will take on Multiplex International on Saturday.
Carfare and Cricket Maxway have already made it to the quarter-final from this group.
SFS, Carfare are sides with experience too, and maybe a new team will emerge from the pack too.
Extreme Gong features unusual and talented variety acts battling it out in the hopes of winning $317 plus carfare.