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A person who plays a carillon.

[French, from carillon, carillon; see carillon.]


(kəˌrɪljəˈnɜː) or


(Music, other) a person who plays a carillon


(ˌkær ə ləˈnɜr; esp. Brit. kəˈrɪl yə nər)

a performer on the carillon.
[1765–75; < French: see carillon, -eur]
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Noun1.carillonneur - a musician who plays a carillon
instrumentalist, musician, player - someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)
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At the top are 47 bells, cast at John Taylor's Bell Foundry in Loughborough, and the borough carillonneur, Caroline Sharpe, gives regular recitals.
Theres something very special about gathering with your family and friends on New Years Eve at the foot of the beautiful Carillon, sharing resolutions, laughter, ringing bells and enjoying the music of City Carillonneur Tim Sleep.
a Dutch carillonneur and director of the Veendammer Muziekschool.
We were kindly shown around by Trevor Workman, the carillonneur who has been associated with the Bournville Carillon for the last 50 years.
Over the years, he has become a world-renowned carillonneur, representing Great Britain in festivals across the globe.
Trevor Workman, Carillonneur to Bournville village.
En 1897 Rodenbach escribio otra novela sobre Brujas, Le Carillonneur, menos conocida que Bruges la morte pero que expresa aun con mas fuerza su posicion contra la modernizacion.
De plus, lors d'enquetes orales, les dires de l'informateur doivent etre confrontes (une replique de la direction de l'Oratoire Saint-Joseph aux affirmations de Monsieur Claude Aubin, actuel carillonneur titulaire de l'Oratoire, aurait ete de mise).
The 26-year-old - who is a world-renowned carillonneur and is now earning a PhD in musicology at the University of California, Berkeley - was in Newcastle to perform for the finale of her European tour.
The bells of the carillon are stationary; it is the cast iron clappers that are moved by dint of the carillonneur's violent exertions: the clavier shakes, the carillonneur sweats.
4) Frank Percival Price, a campanologist, carillonneur, and professor of composition at the University of Michigan, was charged by the Inter-Allied Commission on the Wartime Preservation of Artistic and Historic Monuments in War Areas to report on the condition of European bells and to facilitate their repatriation, and by JCEST to conduct scientific experiments on church bells in Hamburg.
Lauren Hicks and Janine Quarles climbed more than 410 steps to interview the 82-year-old carillonneur (bell ringer) of the Catholic St.