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Any of a class of yellow to red pigments, including the carotenes and the xanthophylls.
Of or relating to such a pigment.


(kəˈrɒtɪˌnɔɪd) or


(Biochemistry) any of a group of red or yellow pigments, including carotenes, found in plants and certain animal tissues
(Biochemistry) of or resembling carotene or a carotenoid


or ca•rot•i•noid

(kəˈrɒt nˌɔɪd)

1. any of a group of red and yellow pigments, chemically similar to carotene, contained in animal fat and some plants.
2. similar to carotene.
3. pertaining to carotenoids.
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Noun1.carotenoid - any of a class of highly unsaturated yellow to red pigments occurring in plants and animals
carotene - yellow or orange-red fat-soluble pigments in plants
lycopene - carotenoid that makes tomatoes red; may lower the risk of prostate cancer
beta-carotene - an isomer of carotene that is found in dark green and dark yellow fruits and vegetables
lutein, xanthophyl, xanthophyll - yellow carotenoid pigments in plants and animal fats and egg yolks
zeaxanthin - yellow carotenoid (isomeric with lutein and occurs widely with it) that is the main pigment in yellow Indian corn
antioxidant - substance that inhibits oxidation or inhibits reactions promoted by oxygen or peroxides
phytochemical - a chemical substance obtained from plants that is biologically active but not nutritive
pigment - dry coloring material (especially a powder to be mixed with a liquid to produce paint, etc.)


n carotenoide m
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Scientists believe that this carotenoid diversity is a key factor in avocado's anti-inflammatory properties.
DSM is to facilitate the next International Carotenoid Society (ICS) conference, which will take place in Lucerne, Switzerland from 9-14 July 2017.
Washington, July 11( ANI ): A new study has revealed that consuming a whole fresh avocado with either an orange-colored tomato sauce or raw carrots significantly enhanced provitamin A carotenoid (alpha- and beta-carotene) absorption and conversion of these carotenoids to an active form of vitamin A.
Because of their high carotenoid content and good yields, OFSP have also been used in several small-scale studies to increase VA status [14].
The easy availability of carotenoid also facilitates the growth of this market.
LycoRed is launching a new line of micro-encapsulated and sustainable natural carotenoid and vitamin beadlets.
Carotenoid displays are believed to be honest indicators of male quality or vigor in many species of birds (Hill 1991, Hill and Montgomerie 1994, Lozano 1994, Dufva and Allander 1995, Griffith and Pryke 2006).
A commonly-known carotenoid is beta-carotene, a pigment found in high levels in orange fruit and vegitables and green, leafy vegetables.
This is the first study of its kind to report a relationship between optimism and healthier levels of carotenoid concentrations," Boehm added.
Women in the top fifth of the carotenoid table were less likely to have cancer than those in the bottom fifth.
That's what a study out of Purdue University found when they tested salad dressings with different kinds of fats for carotenoid levels.
inhibitory efficiency = RFU carotenoid - RFU untreated control/RFU verapamil - RFU untreated contol %