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Variant of carotene.
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Noun1.carotin - an orange isomer of an unsaturated hydrocarbon found in many plants; is converted into vitamin A in the liver
beta-carotene - an isomer of carotene that is found in dark green and dark yellow fruits and vegetables
provitamin - vitamin precursor; a substance that is converted into a vitamin in animal tissues
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In spite of an already very versatile range of applications, opportunities for growth exist in the market for hydroentangled nonwovens but can only be realized by continuously introducing innovative products following the market's needs," says Carotin Weber, sales director hygiene and wipes for Sandler.
This allows other pigments already present in the leaf but masked by the chlorophyll, eg carotins, to come to the fore and show their true colours.
Carotin Schreiber, King Alfred's Old English Translation of Pope Gregory the Great's 'Regula pastoralis' and its Cultural Context: A Study and Partial Edition According to All Surviving Manuscripts Based on Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 12 (Frankfurt a.