carpet loom

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Noun1.carpet loom - a loom for weaving carpetingcarpet loom - a loom for weaving carpeting  
loom - a textile machine for weaving yarn into a textile
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At the exhibition, I demonstrated to visitors how to tie a knot on the carpet loom.
Around 400 people of this area are working as carpet weavers now," said Abu Taher, a carpet loom owner.
One of the methods through which extortion and exploitation is unleashed is the installation of carpet loom or khaddi.
The festival weekend was capped off with a Rugmark-sponsored rug raffle that raised more than $7,500 for Rugmark programs, including carpet loom monitoring, rescuing and rehabilitating child laborers, and building market demand for child-labor-free rugs.
Hamida carefully lines up colored wool thread and taps it down with a metal tool on a carpet loom at the orphanage.
The pupils asked some really good questions and I told them about children I met in a carpet loom and youngsters who live and beg on the railways," said Kirsten.
That was the year the steam-powered carpet loom was created by Erastus Bringham Bigelow.