carpet tack

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Noun1.carpet tack - used to nail down carpets
tack - a short nail with a sharp point and a large head
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Tenders are invited for wmm prime coat chipping carpet tack coat seal coat etc
When the adherent scales are lifted keratotic spikes are seen below this is called as CARPET TACK SIGN.
Ironically, the loudest part of the interior construction has been installing the carpet tack strip to the concrete," she says.
He saw the damage had been caused by a household carpet tack and later noticed a sign at the Tyneside end of the route which had been put up by Newcastle City Council, warning people about the tacks.
According to foot specialists, the key sign is early morning pain: It feels like you've stepped on a carpet tack when you get out of bed.
It has extruded prototype carpet tack strip from recycle, which cuts easily and performs as well as traditional wood strip.
Create your own from a carpet tack strip and a couple of 2x4 scraps.
During installation, attach SpillNet to the carpet tack strips around the room's perimeter and lap all edge seams 6 in.
The national gendarmerie last night opened a criminal investigation against "persons unknown" for the carpet tack incident.
Picture frames got broken, bottles of wine went missing - and I sat on a rusty carpet tack and got blood poisoning.
A woman post-room worker at the Capita organisation in London nearly lost a thumb when a carpet tack ripped through it.