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tr. & intr.v. car·pet-bombed, car·pet-bomb·ing, car·pet-bombs
To bomb in a systematic and extensive pattern, so as to devastate a large target area uniformly.

car′pet-bomb′ing n.


[ˈkɑːpɪtˌbɒm] VTarrasar con bombas
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Carpet-bomb the burning hills with a chemical fire deterrent while sending a barrage of the same solution via ground launchers.
Air Marshal Arthur Harris, who felt he was otherwise engaged in winning the war and welcomed no intrusions from the army or navy, reluctantly assigned 467 bombers to carpet-bomb the northern suburbs of Caen.
But what about e-mail campaigns that carpet-bomb a million people?
In the other two - one of which claims to have consulted the bagged areas - there is not a single hint they are planning to carpet-bomb the city with black wheelie bins.