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a. A thick heavy covering for a floor, usually made of woven wool or synthetic fibers, especially one covering the entire surface of the floor.
b. The fabric used for this floor covering.
2. A surface or surface covering that is similar to a rug: a carpet of leaves and pine needles on the forest floor.
tr.v. car·pet·ed, car·pet·ing, car·pets
To cover with or as if with a carpet: carpet the stairs; snow that carpeted the sidewalks.
on the carpet
1. In a position of being reprimanded by one in authority: was called on the carpet for cheating.
2. Under discussion or consideration: Important matters will be on the carpet at today's meeting.

[Middle English, from Old French carpite, from Medieval Latin carpīta, from Old Italian carpita, from carpire, to pluck, from Latin carpere; see kerp- in Indo-European roots.]
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Adj.1.carpeted - covered with or as if with carpeting or with carpeting as specified; often used in combination; "the carpeted hallway"; "a flower-carpeted hillside"
uncarpeted - not carpeted; "bare uncarpeted floors"


[ˈkɑːpɪtɪd] ADJ [floor] → alfombrado
carpeted with (fig) → cubierto de
References in classic literature ?
It is really a good room, very nicely furnished and carpeted.
Very well, we will see him, too; but if I were at all curious, it would be about the beautiful carpeted room and its lodger.
The path they were following led them through a wood of pine-trees carpeted with heather and blue-berry, and upon this pleasant carpet, Dick, not without some seriousness, made her sit down.
Looking at himself in the glass, Levin noticed that he was red in the face, but he felt certain he was not drunk, and he followed Stepan Arkadyevitch up the carpeted stairs.
More vacuuming attention should also be applied to elevators and locations where different room types connect (such as a cafeteria connected to a carpeted hallway).