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Go, pick up my things, like a cherub, as you are," said Jo, dropping down under a maple tree, which was carpeting the bank with crimson leaves.
On this piece of carpeting Aunt Chloe took her stand, as being decidedly in the upper walks of life; and it and the bed by which it lay, and the whole corner, in fact, were treated with distinguished consideration, and made, so far as possible, sacred from the marauding inroads and desecrations of little folks.
The boys played circus for three days afterward in tents made of rag carpeting -- ad- mission, three pins for boys, two for girls -- and then circusing was abandoned.
The latter took a dozen warriors, including myself, and we raced across the velvety carpeting of moss to the little enclosure.
And so, in that derelict museum, upon the thick soft carpeting of dust, to Weena's huge delight, I solemnly performed a kind of composite dance, whistling THE LAND OF THE LEAL as cheerfully as I could.
The walls of this vault were covered with slabs or tiles, and the floor with carpeting.
The floor had a thick carpeting of dust, which partly muffled their footfalls.
Neither, when the door was opened, did the inside appear to belie the outward promise, as there was faded carpeting on the stairs and faded oil-cloth in the passage; in addition to which discomforts a gentleman Ruler was smoking hard in the front parlour
And the wood and the sea sang a song of rejoicing, and his heart sang with the rest: all nature was a vast holy church, in which the trees and the buoyant clouds were the pillars, flowers and grass the velvet carpeting, and heaven itself the large cupola.
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During the building boom following World War IL the installation of wall-to-wall carpeting became all the rage, replacing the traditional hardwood flooring.
The fact that it is a walk behind configuration ensures excellent mobility and ease of operation for users who maintain carpeting very frequently.