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Plural of carpus.


1. (Anatomy) the plural of carpus
2. (Zoology) the plural of carpus


(ˈkɑr pəs)

n., pl. -pi (-pī).
1. the wrist.
2. the wrist bones collectively.
[1670–80; < New Latin < Greek karpós wrist]
References in classic literature ?
If only I had taken counsel with my jailer, Benedetto Carpi, before I lost him, I might have known the exact position of my cell, I might have found my way back to the Treasury and returned to Venice when Napoleon crushed the Republic--
Alberto Pio da Carpi contro Erasmo da Rotterdam nell'eta della Riforma.
In the boldly rifled road movie "Nobel," veteran Italian director Fabio Carpi returns to his careerlong theme of old age's bitter wisdom mocked by youth's thoughtless hedonism.
In his Commentaries on Mondino (1521), in contrast, Jacopo Berengario da Carpi claimed to have demonstrated the placenta of a hanged woman to "almost five hundred students at the university of Bologna, together with many citizens.
Principal battles: siege of Lille (1667); Seneffe (1674); Turckheim (1675); Valenciennes, Cambrai (1677); Ypres (Ieper) (1678); siege of Philippsburg (1688); Staffarda (near Cavour) (1690); Marsaglia (near Torino) (1693); Carpi (1701).
The contract has as its object the award of the management of services and activities directed to the integration of the immigrant population, to support access functions, the promotion of social cohesion, to support parents and families with children in the scope territorial Union (territories of Campogalliano, Carpi, Novi di Modena and Soliera), as indicated in art.
SERIE A Carpi 1 Palermo 1, Atalanta 1 Sassuolo 1, Roma 3 Frosinone 1, Chievo 0 Juventus 4, Bologna 3 Sampdoria 2, Genoa 0 Fiorentina 0, Napoli 5 Empoli 1, Torino 0 Verona 0, Udinese 0 Lazio 0, AC Milan 3 Inter Milan 0.
79 Last six seasons: - - - - - 0-0 (a) 3-2 Bologna (h) 1-2 Lazio (h) 3-0 Carpi (h) 3-0* Cagliari (a) 1-0 Verona (a) 4-0 Udinese (h) 1-0 Lazio (h) 1-0 Genoa (a) 2-2 Fiorentina (a) 1-2 Napoli (h) 1-3 Juventus (h) 4-0 Frosinone Key stat Empoli have failed to score in only two of their 17 league games Leading scorers Empoli Shirt no.
TWO guys on a road trip put Carpi into their sat-nav instead of Capri and ended up 400 miles away from where they should have been.
The course of radial nerve in the lower part of arm lies between the brachialis and the brachioradialis and extensor carpi radialis longus muscles and this position gives off the nerves to these muscles (Anson & McVay, 1971; Hollinshead).
Vet filmmaker Fabio Carpi uses the story's framework to explore some obvious territory about quality of life and creative frustration.
SERIE A Frosinone 0 Atalanta 0, Empoli 2 AC Milan 2, Fiorentina 2 Torino 0, Inter Milan 1 Carpi 1, Lazio 4 Chievo 1, Palermo 4 Udinese 1, Sampdoria 2 Napoli 4, Sassuolo 0 Bologna 2, Verona 1 Genoa 1, Juventus 1 Roma 0.