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n. also car pool
1. An arrangement whereby several participants or their children travel together in one vehicle, the participants sharing the costs and often taking turns as the driver.
2. A group, as of commuters or parents, participating in a carpool.
v. also car-pool car·pooled, car·pool·ing, car·pools
To travel in a carpool.
To transport by means of a carpool: carpool the children to school.

car′pool′er n.


a member of a carpool
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For many of us, Nelson Good--the subject of our "incarnation" focus in this issue--was a fellow parishioner and community member, an indefatigable scheduler of retreats at Rolling Ridge Retreat Center in West Virginia, and an intrepid carpooler.
I found a note on the bulletin board in the dorm from somebody who was looking for a carpooler.
Providing carpooler location assistance, preferential parking at work, transit information, prepaid public transit, shuttles from transit stations, and on-site day care facilities had very little or no influence.
From a loose fuse to a bad fuel pump to a damaged o-ring, the mom-of two, chief carpooler and corporate communications manager, learned some important lessons about what rights she had, and didn't have, when it came to buying a car.
Among the new BEST BET models, the backless Graco TurboBooster COLORZ sells for about $26, the highback TurboBooster retails for about $50 and the backless Harmony Carpooler starts at about $35.
To receive free parking, the first 170 people to visit the Esurance booth on the concourse of Staples Center during Wednesday and Thursday's games will receive a free carpooler parking pass for Friday's Pac-10 basketball championship game.
There's an extra passenger in Susan Pinto's minivan, but it's not a Little League teammate or a Mommy And Me carpooler -- it's Sunshine Symphony, the latest musical release from award-winning educational toy manufacturer Neurosmith.
Esurance will select a Carpooler of the Week every week from now through May.
of abusing his job [currently he is suspended from RTA pending trial] and accepting bribes not to fine carpoolers.
Westminster also implemented "rock star" parking, which reserves prime spots for carpoolers and fuel-efficient vehicles.
Employees and visitors can also take advantage of bicycle racks and preferred parking spaces for low-emitting, fuel-efficient vehicles and carpoolers to encourage alternative forms of transportation.
He added: "Benefits of the practice also include easing the psychological and physical pressures associated with driving in congested roads; which in turn will contribute to raising productivity, and cementing the links between community members through the socialisation of carpoolers.