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also car·rell  (kăr′əl)
A partially partitioned nook in or near the stacks in a library, used for private study.

[Middle English carole, round dance ring, circle, stall for study; see carol.]


(ˈkærəl) or


(Library Science & Bibliography) a small individual study room or private desk, often in a library, where a student or researcher can work undisturbed
[C16: a variant of carol]


(kəˈrɛl; ˈkærəl; French karɛl)
(Biography) Alexis (əˈlɛksɪs; French alɛksi). 1873–1944, French surgeon and biologist, active in the US (1905–39): developed a method of suturing blood vessels, making the transplantation of arteries and organs possible: Nobel prize for physiology or medicine 1912


or car•rell

(ˈkær əl)

a cubicle or desk partitioned off for private study in a library.
[1585–95; variant of Middle English carole carol]


(kəˈrɛl, ˈkær əl)

Alexis, 1873–1944, French biologist, in U.S. 1905–39: Nobel prize 1912.
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Noun1.carrel - French surgeon and biologist who developed a way to suture and graft blood vessels (1873-1944)Carrel - French surgeon and biologist who developed a way to suture and graft blood vessels (1873-1944)
2.carrel - small individual study area in a library
alcove, bay - a small recess opening off a larger room
depository library, library - a depository built to contain books and other materials for reading and study


carrell [ˈkærəl] N (in library) (= desk) → mesa f de estudio; (= room) → sala f de estudio


n (in library etc) → Arbeitsnische f, → Arbeitsplatz m
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The National Science Foundation "has a strong interest in getting more underrepresented minorities and women into engineering programs," said Carrel Moran, director of UC Santa Cruz's Educational Partnership Center, which oversees the program.
Among the landmark discoveries described are those of the Italian anatomist Giovanni Morgagni, who in the mid-1700s clinched the link between many diseases and distinct changes within the body, and French surgeon Alexis Carrel, who at the turn of the 20th century demonstrated the plausibility of organ transplants.
For example, will the student be seated in a study carrel, at the front of the room, away from the distractions of the pencil sharpener or pets in the room?
Millie, Christa, Alexis, Carrel and Dotcom were born in America after scientists from Edinburgh-based PPL Therapeutics implanted eggs into a sow.
Nasdaq: ATRC), a medical device company and a leader in cardiac surgical ablation systems for the treatment of atrial fibrillation, or AF, and systems for the exclusion of the left atrial appendage, today announced that Michael Carrel has been appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, effective immediately.
Like many franchise systems, we introduce new products and have marketing promotions on a consistent basis," explains Jim Salerno, vice president of operations for Carrel Ice Cream.
Strict dosage compensation of all genes on the chromosome isn't necessary," concludes study coauthor Laura Carrel.
Each carrel has a door allowing privacy for couples fearful of being caught by library staff.
This high-level addition fits with our strategy to bolster our already strong product and engineering team for the long term and develop the best advanced visualization and analysis products for the enterprise," said Carrel.
If they're working in a study carrel, they won't need to leave the space to log onto the Internet.