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1. Something transferred or extended from an earlier time or another place: a showing of new fashions as well as carryovers from last spring; a carryover of good will from the previous meeting.
2. Accounting A sum transferred to a new column, page, or book relating to the same account.


(ˈkær iˌoʊ vər)

something carried over or postponed to a later time.
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The congressional defense committees have recognized that some carryover is appropriate to facilitate a smooth flow of work during the transition from one fiscal year to the next," GAO said in the report.
172(b)(2) and the regulations thereunder, the amount of the NOL that is absorbed in a carryover year equals the taxable income for that year determined with certain modifications (modified taxable income).
Since extremely small sample amounts are being measured, minimal carryover of sample substances and low adsorption effects is a must.
New York law takes the "subject to tax" restriction one step further and provides that a taxpayer must be subject to the same article of the New York tax law in both the loss year and the carryover year to claim an NOL deduction (N.
From fiscal years2004 through 2007, the Army depots' total carryover significantly increased from $1.
Today's carryover is the third largest three-day carryover in track history and it's expected the total pick-six pool, including carryover, could approach $4.
2003; Rice 1996), a phenomenon we refer to as carryover effects of the contaminant (Figure 1).
In response to a question, he said that as recently as two weeks ago a Big-4 tax partner advised that excess credit carryovers can offset the tax liability arising from the 15-percent income inclusion.
However, with no carryover and the low crop expectations of Italy and Greece, it would appear that olive oil would continue to be in short supply for the whole of 2004.
As a result, there is a carryover of pounds 19,102.
One of the keys in stopping this offense lies in having as much carryover as possible from your basic reads and schemes.