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Suffering from motion sickness caused by travel in a motor vehicle.

car′sick′ness n.


nauseated from riding in a car or other vehicle
ˈcarˌsickness n



ill with motion sickness during automobile travel.
car′sick`ness, n.
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Adj.1.carsick - experiencing motion sicknesscarsick - experiencing motion sickness  
ill, sick - affected by an impairment of normal physical or mental function; "ill from the monotony of his suffering"


[ˈkaːˌsɪk] adj to be carsicksoffrire il mal d'auto
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Patients with ataxia tend to get carsick or seasick fairly quickly, and they can become nauseous if there is too much movement in their visual field.
He doesn't mention the time he got carsick on a Chicago expressway, minutes before we arrived at our ritzy relatives' Winnetka home.
When I lost the sight in one eye, my ophthalmologist said I'd no longer get airsick or carsick.
They were: Carsick Cars, a promising young indie rock-and-roll band; Wang Xiaotian, an urban folk song rookie who has been invited to the US and Europe for tour, together with his band; a modern jazz band formed by Guo Gan, a famous Erhu performer and three French jazz musicians; and "Ruhan&Tony", a band comprising Chinese and American young singers who deliver a mixed classical and popular style.
Carsick by John Waters Publisher: Corsair Price: Hardback PS16.
CARSICK by John Waters is published in hardback by Corsair, priced PS16.
Waters's latest book, Carsick, is absolutely hilarious, disgusting, and merciless.
But Carsick is just as much about what didn't happen; nearly two-thirds of the book is taken up by two stories Waters wrote before hitting the road: the porn fantasy "The Best That Could Happen" and the violently dystopian "The Worst That Could Happen.
com/lessons/sinica/the-china-rock-podcast (featuring a panel discussion of the China music scene in which China rock music experts Michael Pettis and Archie Hamilton noted that popular Chinese alternative rock band Carsick Cars had recently earned 90,000 RMB (about $14,400) in less than two months performing at festivals and concerts, and another "top rock band" booked a festival for a fee of "well into six figures [RMB]").
It takes 20 minutes to drive to the venue, Anaheim's Honda Center, which makes Sage carsick.
I've not felt carsick since I was a small boy but pretty soon I'm reacquainted with the feeling--my body knows it's in motion, it just doesn't know which motion.
We could get carsick, stopping for pancakes, until we ran out of planet.