cart horse

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Noun1.Cart horse - draft horse kept for pulling cartscart horse - draft horse kept for pulling carts  
draft horse, draught horse, dray horse - horse adapted for drawing heavy loads
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I'm not interested that he scored a hat-trick in a World Cup Final, in my opinion Hurst was a bit of a cart horse when compared to the goal-scoring ability of one Jimmy Greaves.
Jan's new pet, an old cart horse called Ryan, will take up a lot of her time in retirement.
It included display of pure Arabian horses and beauty show of horses, in addition to cart horse shows with various impressive formations.
It included pure Arabian horses' and horses beauty shows, in addition to cart horse shows with various sport formations accompanied the Royal Guard of Oman (RGO) music.
Mind how you queue, especially as the hand dryer in the small loo was as slow as a cart horse with cramp.
The AQPS breed emerged towards the end of the 19th century, when French breeders began to cross cart horse mares with thoroughbred stallions to produce a fast hardy horse - unlikely as it sounds, their descendants are excelling on the racecourse.
Loosely based, we hope, because last night we saw him shooting his very first patient in the head - a poor cart horse that was simply in need of a holiday and a change of feed.
I'm more of a cart horse than a delicate dancer, for those type of costumes you need to be a beanpole rather than be a bit muscular like me.
They have driven a cart horse through the spirit of the rules and regulations.
A good old-fashioned cart horse, gentle, straightforward, slow and steady but able to gain momentum.
For instance, the film highlights barbarous torture scenes (including a grislyscene of an old hog being chopped up) and the cruel indifference to animals' fates after their productive years (especially the powerful, tragic scene of aged Boxer, the noble yet gullible cart horse, being sent to the glue factory).