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The art or technique of making maps or charts.

[French cartographie : carte, map (from Old French, from Latin charta, carta, paper made from papyrus; see card1) + -graphie, writing (from Greek -graphiā; see -graphy).]

car·tog′ra·pher n.
car′to·graph′ic (kär′tə-grăf′ĭk), car′to·graph′i·cal adj.
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Adj.1.cartographical - of or relating to the making of maps or charts
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Fuller describes his practice as 'making a collection of cartographical love letters.
The cartographical assistance that Bean was able to call on was sufficient for these limited purposes.
state's cartographical and adjudicatory efforts over the following
Moreover, it will enable the modernization of the statistical system prior to the Population and Housing Census of 2017, financing will be used to update cartographical registries with state-of-the-art technology and strengthen the National Institute for Development Information s (INIDE) institutional capacity.
Cartographical The International Journal for Geographic Information and Geovisualization 30 (2): 819.
Lawrence was well aware that his travels towards Aqaba had cartographical significance.
Cartographical analysis of African swine fever outbreaks in the territory of the Russian Federation and computer modeling of the basic reproduction ratio.
So, the map of 1749, which was printed in Norinberg Johan Homan's family publishing house became a valuable piece of graphics, regarding its cartographical facts as well as esthetic appearance.
The line that separates "us" from "them," a border is a cartographical feature freighted with overtones of restriction and transgression -- particularly in areas, and eras, where such lines are contested.
Mayombe, the forest in Pepetela's novel, and the beach in Nkosi's, are the cartographical spaces that allow for the enactment of both drama and narrative.
The Independence Day special exhibition has a collection of maps of India from the 18th century to 1946, the exact time frame when cartographical creativity was at its peak.