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or car·touch  (kär-to͞osh′)
1. A structure or figure, often in the shape of an oval shield or oblong scroll, used as an architectural or graphic ornament or to bear a design or inscription.
2. An oval or oblong figure in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics that encloses characters expressing the names or epithets of royal or divine personages.
3. A heavy paper cartridge case.

[French, from Italian cartoccio, paper cornet, from carta, card, paper; see carton.]


(kɑːˈtuːʃ) or cartouch
1. (Architecture) a carved or cast ornamental tablet or panel in the form of a scroll, sometimes having an inscription
2. (Historical Terms) an oblong figure enclosing characters expressing royal or divine names in Egyptian hieroglyphics
3. (Games, other than specified) the paper case holding combustible materials in certain fireworks
4. (Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) a cartridge or a box for cartridges
[C17: from French: scroll, cartridge, from Italian cartoccio, from carta paper; see card1]


or car•touch


1. a rounded panel often containing an inscription, decoration, or coat of arms.
2. an oblong figure, as on ancient Egyptian monuments, enclosing the name of a sovereign.
[1605–15; < Middle French < Italian cartoccio]


An oval or oblong figure containing a royal or divine name in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.
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Noun1.cartouche - a cartridge (usually with paper casing)
cartridge - ammunition consisting of a cylindrical casing containing an explosive charge and a bullet; fired from a rifle or handgun


nKartusche f
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S'ajoute a cela, selon la douane, une autre saisie de 400 cartouches de cigarettes de marque [beaucoup moins que]Marlboro[beaucoup plus grand que], destinees a la contrebande.
A set of cartouches at a small temple in Habu show Amenmesse likening himself to Horus.
Son projet s'articule autour de plusieurs grandes propositions, qui necessiteront l'accord du Congres: retablissement de l'interdiction des armes d'assaut en vigueur de 1994 a 2004, interdiction des chargeurs de plus de 10 cartouches, verification renforcee des antecedents juridiques des acheteurs, notamment lors des foires de ventes d'armes, et une nouvelle loi federale sur le trafic d'armes.