cartridge fuse

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Noun1.cartridge fuse - a fuse cased in a tube
electrical fuse, fuse, safety fuse - an electrical device that can interrupt the flow of electrical current when it is overloaded
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A design for use in a range of applications where a cartridge fuse is used, including primary protection of PCBs for over current and short circuit protection, sensors, and power supplies.
Round cartridge fuses have ratings to 60 amps; greater capacity (to 600 amps) requires a cartridge fuse with knife-edge contacts.
Cartridge Fuses The procedure for replacing a cartridge fuse depends on how it is installed in the fuse box.
This low-profile, subminiature fuse complements our existing DC-rated cartridge fuse offerings in a small footprint format.
Tenders are invited for Hrc Single Cartridge Fuse Link, 250V, Ac.