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Noun1.cartridge holder - a metal frame or container holding cartridgescartridge holder - a metal frame or container holding cartridges; can be inserted into an automatic gun
gun - a weapon that discharges a missile at high velocity (especially from a metal tube or barrel)
pincurl clip - a variety of clip for holding pin curls
supply chamber - a mechanical device for holding something and supplying it as needed
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The insulin cartridge holder in certain batches may crack or break resulting in an under-delivery of insulin which can lead to high blood glucose (hyperglycaemia) and can have serious health implications.
Operators simply insert the Semkit package into the machine, tighten the cartridge holder and run the machine.
Using a device with a cracked or broken cartridge holder may result in the device delivering a reduced dose of insulin, which could potentially lead to high blood sugar.
The Taser Side Mount Plate allows users to mount the Taser X26 Cartridge Holder to the Taser X26 holster.
Assembly and welding of the fluid path components (Vartridge, cartridge holder and transfer unit) to produce the finished fluid path.
The term "clip" is usually reserved for a cartridge holder inserted into a feed device integral with the action of the rifle.
Held in place by four easy access fasteners, with the lower cartridge holder attached by tie rods, the breather's design eliminates the need for baffle plates for even distribution of air flow.
It accepts standard filter cartridges and can be used with BX1200 accessories such as Double Cartridge Holder, In-Tank Floating Skimmer, and carbon treatment attachments.
A cartridge holder made of soft leather that snuggles on my belt as if it were born there.
The blue insulin cartridge holder was only fitted to HumaPen Ergo pens distributed between October 1998 and October 2000.
Designed for Hewlett-Packard's popular HP Deskjet 600 and HP Deskwriter 600 series printers that utilize the color cartridge HP 51649A, the EasyFill Color kit features a cartridge holder and cap remover, as well as three 9m1 refills for each of the cyan, magenta and yellow colors.