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also char·tu·lar·y (kär′chə-lĕr′ē)
n. pl. car·tu·lar·ies
A collection of deeds or charters, especially a register of titles to all the property of an estate or monastery.

[Middle English cartularie, collection of documents, from Medieval Latin cartulārium, from Latin cartula, chartula, document; see charter.]


(ˈkɑːtjʊlərɪ) or


n, pl -laries
(Law) law
a. a collection of charters or records, esp relating to the title to an estate or monastery
b. any place where records are kept
[C16: from Medieval Latin cartulārium, from Latin chartula a little paper, from charta paper; see card1]


or car•tu•lar•y

(ˈkɑr tʃəˌlɛr i)

n., pl. -lar•ies.
a register of charters, title deeds, etc.
[1565–75; < Medieval Latin chartulārium]

chartulary, cartulary

1. a book containing charters.
2. the official in charge of such a book.
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In the third chapter, the book's strongest, Tinti examines Worcester's record-keeping practices through a careful study of Worcester's surviving single-sheet leases and its three famous eleventh-century cartularies: the Liber Wigorniensis, generally accepted as the first cartulary to be compiled in England, the Nero-Middleton cartulary, and Hemming's Cartulary.
Not long afterwards, this donation was folded and glued to the binding of a cartulary.
These acts of arbitration in the contado differ from such acts in the cartulary of a fifteenth-century Florentine notary studied by Kuehn in which one party was usually an urban resident, generally wealthy Florentines arranging debt collection from groups of many contadini.
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It occurs only once in a cartulary by Charlemagne for the region of the Agri Decumates within the Upper Rhine and Danube, Capitulare de disciplina palatii Aquensis (a.
clergesse 'a learned woman' (Seinte Katerine 1225 and Ancrene Wisse 1230), grateresse 'a female grater' (A cartulary of the Hospital of St.
Business Contracts of Medieval Provence: Selected Notulae from the Cartulary of Giraud Amalric of Marseilles, 1248.
Eleanor Hull's mother, Joan Hylle of Exeter, was the sister of Robert Hylle, compiler of the Hylle Cartulary.
The second manuscript is a northern Italian illuminated notarial cartulary of the second half of the fifteenth century containing charters from a series of churches in or near Vicenza (Illustration 9).
The Athelney Cartulary, a collection of 490 charters, letters and legal documents, last heard of in 1735, was thought lost until an archivist discovered it by chance, hidden in a huge collection of material on a shelf in a stately home.
The cartulary of the priory refers twice to a place nearby called "le wrestlyngplace," and W.