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(ˈkeɪsɪˌneɪt; ˈkeɪsiːˌneɪt)
a salt of casein


(ˈkeɪ siˌneɪt, -si ə-, keɪˈsi neɪt)

a metallic salt of casein.
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Avoid them whenever possible: Sodium benzoate (prevents yeasts and bacterial growth), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), sodium propionate (preservative and mold inhibitor), sodium saccharin (saccharin), sodium nitrate/nitrite (preservative that inhibits bacteria), monosodium glutamate (MSG), and sodium caseinate (ingredient in non-dairy creamers, processed meats, and desserts).
The new technology utilizes the pH-dependent solubility properties of curcumin and the self-assembly properties of sodium caseinate.
Caseinate is soluble salts of caseins; they contain essential amino acids and have a protein efficiency ratio of 2.
Casein & Caseinate World Market Report - The Main Protein Found in Milk Containing 21 Amino Acids
Q: Calcium caseinate and sodium caseinate are ingredients in a lot of cheeses and low-carbohydrate energy bars.
Four oil-in-water vitamin D emulsions were made using sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate, nonfat dry milk or whey protein.
The bars contain a blend of white willow bark, sodium caseinate, artichoke leaf and chasteberry--ingredients the company claims work together to relieve menstrual pain, bloating and irritability.
National 10270-4 can be used as a replacement for sodium caseinate to enhance meat products, which range from ham and meat spreads to mince meat and sausages.
Canola oil was emulsified in a sodium caseinate and xanthan solution at pH 6.
EmCap[TM] modified starch: Replacement of sodium caseinate and gum arabic, flavor encapsulation
The investigators washed fresh blueberries in chlorinated water prior to application with a range of edible coatings: Semperfresh[TM] (SF), acid-soluble chitosan, water-soluble chitosan, calcium caseinate (CC) and sodium alginate (SA).