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1. A fortified enclosure for artillery on a warship.
2. An armored compartment for artillery on a rampart.

[French, from Italian casamatta : perhaps casa, house (from Latin casa) + matto, mad, crazy (from Latin mattus, drunk, past participle of madēre, to be drunk).]

case′mat′ed adj.
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Inside the fort are a casemated barracks for 96 men, together with a master gunner's house, officers' mess and associated ablutions, kitchens and magazines.
In that year, Colonel Jonathan Williams began the construction on Governor's Island of the first casemated battery in this country as one of the defenses of New York.
Based on the successful FH77 Bofors towed artillery system, development of the Archer, also known as FH77 BW L52, began in the mid '90s (at the time Bofors and Giat had teamed for a short period in what was known as the Spa System, for Self Propelled Artillery, to offer two concepts, one on a 6 x 6 and the other on a 8 x 8 casemated gun, but the two finally split).