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cash 1

1. Money in the form of bills or coins; currency.
2. Liquid assets including bank deposits and marketable securities.
3. Money paid in currency or by check: paid in cash.
tr.v. cashed, cash·ing, cash·es
To exchange for or convert into ready money: cash a check; cash in one's gambling chips.
Phrasal Verbs:
cash in
1. To withdraw from a venture by or as if by settling one's account.
2. Informal To obtain a profit or other advantage by timely exploitation: Profiteers cashed in during the gasoline shortage.
3. Slang To die.
cash out
To dispose of a long-held asset for profit: Hard-pressed farmers are tempted to cash out by selling their valuable land.
cash on the barrelhead
Immediate payment: You must pay cash on the barrelhead; we don't offer credit.

[Obsolete French casse, money box (from Norman French; see case2) or from Italian cassa (from Latin capsa, case).]

cash′less adj.

cash 2

n. pl. cash
Any of various Asian coins of small denomination, especially a copper and lead coin with a square hole in its center.

[Portuguese caixa, from Tamil kācu, a small coin.]


(Banking & Finance) functioning, operated, or performed without using coins or banknotes for money transactions but instead using credit cards or electronic transfer of funds: cashless shopping.


[ˈkæʃlɪs] ADJ the cashless societyla sociedad sin dinero


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TSX: MB)(the " Corporation ") announced today that as of the close of business on May 3, 2013, 23,142,800 common share purchase warrants (the " Warrants ") issued under a warrant indenture dated January 28, 2010 (the " Warrant Indenture ") have been exercised on a cashless basis pursuant to the previously announced cashless exercise offer,on the terms and conditions set forth in an offer letter to warrantholders (the " Offer Letter ") and in the cashless exercise election form (such exercise, a " Cashless Exercise " and such offer, the " Offer ") sent to warrantholders on April 5, 2013.