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Abrogation or annulment by a higher authority, especially a court in certain legal systems.

[Middle English cassatioun, from Old French cassation, from Late Latin cassātiō, cassātiōn-, from cassātus, past participle of cassāre, to annul; see quash1.]


(Law) chiefly law (esp in France) annulment, as of a judicial decision by a higher court
[C15: from Old French, from Medieval Latin cassātiō, from Late Latin cassāre to cancel, from Latin quassāre to quash]
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Manama: Kuwait's Cassation Court will issue its much-anticipated ruling in the parliament storming case on May 6.
Performance services - main site the court of cassation, 5, platform of the clock tsa 79201 - 75055 paris cedex 01; -site of relief the square saint-germain, 77, boulevard saint-germain - 75006 paris.
His killer was condemned to die yesterday by Bahrain's highest court, the Cassation Court, which means the judgement is final.
In February, Dubai's Cassation Court rejected the appeal lodged by 48-year-old Jordanian convict, Nidal Eisa Abdullah, and upheld his death sentence given by lower courts.
The pair's decrees were regarding new appointments at the Military Court of Cassation and Hammoud appointed Judge Ghassan Khoury as state prosecutor of the court responsible for felonies, and Judge Wael Hasan as state prosecutor of the Military Court of Cassation responsible for misdemeanors, the state-run National News Agency reported.
Justice Khaled Salem, vice-chairman of Kuwait's Court of Cassation, told KUNA the delegation met with head of the justice academy Yilmaz Akcil and his deputy Mustafa Artuc, deputy chairman of the Court of Cassation Abdulhalik Yildiz and secretary general of the court Yasar Simsik.
Qatar participated in the fourth meeting of the heads of the GCC supreme courts and courts of cassation with a delegation headed by President of the Cassation Court and Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council Masoud Mohamed al-Amiri.
In Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation Omission Application Decision 1 of 2016 (issued on 17 November 2016), the court held that the essence of Article 139 is that the court must have, through its own mistake or inadvertence, completely omitted to determine a request for substantive relief, leaving the request to remain undecided (by an explicit or implicit ruling) and pending before the court.
The Appeal Court verdict can be appealed within 30 days to the Cassation Court.
11 (BNA): The Supreme Judiciary Council (SJC)'s Chairman and Head of the Court of Cassation, Chancellor Salim bin Mohammed Al Kowari, is due to depart tomorrow to attend the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)'s Third Consultative Meeting of the Heads of High Courts and the Courts of Cassation, slated to be held in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, on April 13-14.
La Cour de cassation a valide, mardi 22 mars, la quasi-totalite des ecoutes entre Nicolas Sarkozy et son avocat Thierry Herzog, ouvrant la voie a un possible proces de l'ancien chef de l'Etat.
L a nouvelle annee judiciaire 2016 s'est ouverte, hier, lors d'une ceremonie organisee au siege de la cour de cassation a Rabat.