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1. Any of various chiefly tropical or subtropical trees, shrubs, or herbs of the genus Cassia in the pea family, having pinnately compound leaves, usually yellow flowers, and long, flat or cylindrical pods.
a. A tropical evergreen tree (Cinnamomum aromaticum syn. C. cassia) of East and Southeast Asia, having aromatic inner bark.
b. The bark of this tree, often ground and used as a spice. It is the chief source of cinnamon in the United States.

[Middle English, from Latin casia, cassia, aromatic tree of the genus Cinnamomum, from Greek kasiā, kassiā, probably of Phoenician origin; akin to Hebrew qəṣīyâ, tree of the genus Cinnamomum yielding a spice inferior to cinnamon, probably ultimately of Chinese origin.]


1. (Plants) any plant of the mainly tropical leguminous genus Cassia, esp C. fistula, whose pods yield cassia pulp, a mild laxative. See also senna
2. (Plants) a lauraceous tree, Cinnamomum cassia, of tropical Asia
3. (Cookery) cassia bark the cinnamon-like bark of this tree, used as a spice
[Old English, from Latin casia, from Greek kasia, of Semitic origin; related to Hebrew qesī `āh cassia]


(ˈkæʃ ə, ˈkæs i ə)

n., pl. -sias.
1. any plant, tree, or shrub belonging to the genus Cassia, of the legume family, several species of which yield medicinal products.
2. Also called cas′sia pods`. the pods of Cassia fistula, a tree widely cultivated as an ornamental.
3. Also called cas′sia pulp`. the pulp of these pods, used medicinally and as a flavoring.
[before 1000; Old English < Latin < Greek < Semitic; compare Hebrew qəṣī‘āh]
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Noun1.cassia - any of various trees or shrubs of the genus Cassia having pinnately compound leaves and usually yellow flowers followed by long seedpodscassia - any of various trees or shrubs of the genus Cassia having pinnately compound leaves and usually yellow flowers followed by long seedpods
genus Cassia, Cassia - some genus Cassia species often classified as members of the genus Senna or genus Chamaecrista
canafistola, canafistula, Cassia fistula, drumstick tree, golden shower tree, pudding pipe tree, purging cassia - deciduous or semi-evergreen tree having scented sepia to yellow flowers in drooping racemes and pods whose pulp is used medicinally; tropical Asia and Central and South America and Australia
Cassia grandis, pink shower, pink shower tree, horse cassia - tropical American semi-evergreen tree having erect racemes of pink or rose-colored flowers; used as an ornamental
Cassia javonica, rainbow shower - deciduous ornamental hybrid of southeastern Asia and Hawaii having racemes of flowers ranging in color from cream-colored to orange and red
Cassia marginata, Cassia roxburghii, horse cassia - East Indian tree having long pods containing a black cathartic pulp used as a horse medicine
tree - a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
2.Cassia - some genus Cassia species often classified as members of the genus Senna or genus Chamaecrista
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
Caesalpinioideae, subfamily Caesalpinioideae - alternative name in some classification systems for the family Caesalpiniaceae
cassia - any of various trees or shrubs of the genus Cassia having pinnately compound leaves and usually yellow flowers followed by long seedpods
3.cassia - Chinese tree with aromatic bark; yields a less desirable cinnamon than Ceylon cinnamon
laurel - any of various aromatic trees of the laurel family
Cinnamomum, genus Cinnamomum - Asiatic and Australian aromatic trees and shrubs
cassia bark, Chinese cinnamon - aromatic bark of the cassia-bark tree; less desirable as a spice than Ceylon cinnamon bark
شَجَرَةُ الكاسيا الأستوائيه


[ˈkæsɪə] n (Bot) → cassia


(ˈkӕsiə) , (ˈkӕʃə) noun
any of several types of tropical tree or shrub of the pea family with small yellow or pink flowers.
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Thir glittering Tents he passd, and now is come Into the blissful field, through Groves of Myrrhe, And flouring Odours, Cassia, Nard, and Balme; A Wilderness of sweets; for Nature here Wantond as in her prime, and plaid at will Her Virgin Fancies, pouring forth more sweet, Wilde above rule or art; enormous bliss.
Methinks there's a genius Roams in the mountains, Girdled with ivy And robed in wisteria, Lips ever smiling, Of noble demeanour, Driving the yellow pard, Tiger-attended, Couched in a chariot With banners of cassia, Cloaked with the orchid, And crowned with azaleas; Culling the perfume Of sweet flowers, he leaves In the heart a dream-blossom, Memory haunting.
A welcome is assured from chocolate Labradors Cassia, Mace and Saffron, at this restaurant-with-rooms, set in three acres close to Dartmoor.
5 million Series A financing from institutional investors in London and Hong Kong, including lead investor, Cassia Investments.
It is to note that a banner carrying the Lebanese flag was hoisted near the statue at the entrance of Cassia, amid preparations by the municipality and the residents of Cascia for this significant event.
A new hospitality concept, Banyan Tree's newest brand Cassia features cutting-edge design, colourful street art decor and customisable living and dining options.
Contract Awarded for Engineering, procurement and construction services to BP s 13 upstream offshore facilities, located within the Greater Cassia and Greater Mahogany areas to provide services to operations in Trinidad & Tobago
The Cassia String Quartet added to the relationship with the Huddersfield premiere of his String Quartet in Four Parts - wonderfully played - at their Huddersfield Music Society concert.
Synopsis: Cassia Pappas has found herself in a nearly impossible situation.
In the list of plants that can be used in dietary supplements in Belgium, a maximal dose is defined as 18 mg per day for Cassia spp.
Banyan Tree Group has is to enter the serviced apartment sector with the launch of a new brand, Cassia, with projects in development or being planned around the world.
43% ABV; distilled from almonds, lemon peel, licorice, juniper berries, orris root, angelica, coriander, cassia bark.